*November 2016 update! We are completely sold out of Red Shagreen Trays in both sizes. We are also sold out of White Shagreen in the XL size, but I have a few Large ones left. Stocks running very low on Orange & Navy Shagreen in both sizes. Additionally, all Christmas tray orders must be in before November 25th, if they are made after that, they wont be ready until JANUARY 2017.

Now, you can do this yourself (the trays come with full instructions to mount your own photos or artwork) or we can do it for you! Even though this is a completely bespoke service, there is no charge: just email me your pics and we will print and mount them for you.

One of the nicest ways to use them, I think, is to choose some of your children’s artwork (try to have some continuity of colour through them) and we can create a little retrospective exhibition in a nine up tray (or any other layout!). You can either scan or photograph the artwork, either is fine.

Some other ideas to make them your own:

  • Use your furnishing fabric in a wall to wall mount to carry a pattern through a room
  • Mount pages from a favourite picture book
  • A collection of pics from a special holiday or party

The sky is the limit. Enjoy creating your own special piece. Also remember, a tray doesn’t have to be a tray! Lean them against a wall to create a stunning frame, or as part of a vignette.

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