Ding Ding & Star Ferry (White Frame)


Our magnificent streetcar trams have ambled up and down the length of Hong Kong Island for over 100 years. You may even think the original Ding Dings are still in service but what they lack in comfort, they make up for in charm. And it is still only US$0.30 to travel the length of the island. What is there not to like.

The Star Ferry is one of the most beloved icons of HK and has been sailing people between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon for over 120 years. The quintessential Hong Kong experience (go for the upper deck though!)

Presenting two collectors edition die cast metal models, mounted in a shadow box frame, so you can take a bit of Hong Kong home with you.  The frame measures 25 x 25 x 4 cm, and they have a hook on the back to hang it from. This is also available in a black frame, see the other listing.

  • Please excuse this photo, taken on my iphone with no skills! Will get pro shots done after christmas, but I wanted to get something up onto the site.






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